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Vote Here Daily (Jan. 5-11)

  • A selection panel will select the 3 finalists from eligible submissions received by Dec. 15.
  • During Competition Week, Jan. 5 – Jan. 11, the general public may vote for the finalists online.
  • The public vote will represent 50% of each finalist’s score. The selection panel will provide the other 50% of the score to determine the competition winner.
  • In the case of a tie, the odd-numbered selection panel will rate the top two finishers as 1 (for first place) and 2 (for second place). The group with the most first place votes will be declared the winner.
  • The competition winner will be announced on Jan. 15.

To select your favorite group, use this rating scale:

Creativity/Originality [50% of total score]
(strength/relevance of lyrics)

Singing ability [20% of total score]

Stage presence [15% of total score]

Overall performance [15% of total score]